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We are not only happy about the commitment and membership of large organizations, but also of small associations or groups. If you have any questions about membership, please feel free to contact the DaMigra team contact.

Baden Wuerttemberg

Bundesverband der Migrantinnen e.V.

The Federal Association of Female Migrants in Germany eV is an independent, non-partisan and democratic association of female migrants from Turkey in Germany. home page

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FIF Baden-Württemberg eV

The forum is a state-wide professional association of women with international origins, which campaigns for their equality and their socio-economic participation in Germany and in their ... 

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Koreanische Frauengruppe in Deutschland

A space for empowerment for Korean migrants in Germany. The Korean women's group in Germany is an independent, democratic migrant self-organization of Korean women. She was born with the… 

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Netzwerk Freiburgerinnen aus aller Welt

More than 150 women from 80 countries of origin are involved in the network of “Freiburg women from all over the world”. The network of "Freiburgerinnen from all over the world" developed ... 

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Migrantinnen-Netzwerk Bayern e.V.

The Migrantinnen-Netzwerk Bayern is an association of women with a migration background in Bavaria. The Migrantinnen-Netzwerk Bayern is non-denominational, non-partisan, cross-national and independent. The goals of the association are: … 

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AFROTAK TV cyberNomads

AFROTAK TV cyberNomads was founded in 2001 and is a non-profit, politically independent, developmental initiative for education, media, art, culture and ecology with a focus... 

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Feminist center for migrants registered association 

The FZM eV offers migrants and women with a refugee and migration history a feminist political and artistic platform for empowerment, participation, representation and networking in Berlin. We … 

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I.S.I. e.V.

ISI e. V. – Initiative for Independent Immigrant Women – is a non-profit association established in Berlin in 1991 that supports women with a migration background in their desire for … 

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S.U.S.I. e.V.

We are an intercultural women's center. Meeting point - advice - groups - courses - art - debates in several languages ​​Homepage

Türkischer Frauenverein Berlin e.V.

The Turkish Women's Association Berlin eV was founded on March 8, 1975 (International Women's Day), the year of the woman proclaimed by the UNO, by female migrant workers in the form of ... 

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Amnesty for Women e.V.

Amnesty for Women City Group Hamburg eV is an independent, non-profit human rights organization. The association has existed as a non-governmental organization (NGO) since 1986 and since then has consistently advocated ... 

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Interkulturelle Begegnungsstätte e.V.

The Intercultural Meeting Place eV is a non-profit migrant self-organization. As such, she has a cross-cultural, cross-age and cross-disciplinary team structure and already lives intercultural participation in ... 

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ReteDonne e.V.

ReteDonne eV represents the interests of Italian women living in Germany. The association was founded in Hamburg in 2010, but the board consists of … 

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Abá e.V.

The association Abá eV working group for human rights was founded in 2017 in Frankfurt am Main. The name "Abá" means "man" in the indigenous language Tupi-Guarani. Aba... 

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BENGI eV has been working successfully since 1992 as a non-profit, international women's association in Kassel. The aim of the association is the professional and social integration of women with … 

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beramí berufliche Integration e.V.

beramí Berufs Integration eV has been involved since 1990 in advising and professionally qualifying migrant women. The aim of the commitment is to give immigrants... 

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Coordinamento Donne Italiane di Francoforte e.V.

Coordination Donne Italiane di Francoforte e. V. is an independent association that has set itself the task of giving migrant women a voice and influence in Germany. 

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Forward for Women e.V.

There are numerous forms of ritualized violence that women and girls are subjected to around the world. Acts of violence and human rights abuses committed against them include, among others... 

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The association IMBRADIVA eV is a Brazilian women's initiative that was founded by Brazilian and German women. It has been registered as a non-profit association since 1998. IMBRADIVA… 

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Interkulturelles Frauennetzwerk Hessen e.V.

The "Intercultural Women's Network" is a non-partisan and non-denominational network of migrant women, migrant women's associations and local women. It sees itself as an interface between the Hessian institutions ... 

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Lilith e.V.

Our association Lilith is an independent, non-partisan and democratic association of migrant women from Turkey in Frankfurt. The association was founded in January 2016 … 

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Maisha e.V.

Maisha was founded in 1996 as a non-profit registered association for African migrants. With the founding, the living conditions of the target group should be improved and their ... 

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Migrantinnenverein Frankfurt e.V.

Our work in Frankfurt covers a wide range of leisure, social, cultural and political activities and is entirely voluntary. We have been a member since 2005... 

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ZAN e.V.

The association was founded in Frankfurt am Main in June 2001. ZAN eV aims to help Afghan women in Germany and especially ... 

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Tutmonde e.V.

Tutmonde eV is a migrant women's organization that was founded in Stralsund in 2006 and campaigns for the rights of migrant women and their children. ... 

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Lower Saxony

Der deutsch-russische Arbeitskreis

The German-Russian working group is an important partner at the adult education center in Leer. Together with the other working groups, he is an important part of society, which... 

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Integrationslotsen im Landkreis Cloppenburg e.V.

Integrationslotsen im Landkreis Cloppenburg eV is an organization of migrants from many countries. The association represents the interests of migrants. Special tasks of the association are … 

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Bund der Alevitischen Frauen in Deutschland e.V.

The "Association of Alevi Women Germany eV" (AAKB Almanya Alevi Kadinlar Birligi) was founded in 1999 and has been committed to the integration ... 

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German Association of Female Engineers eV

The Deutsche Ingenieurinnenbund eV (dib) is a nationwide network of female engineers who have a qualification in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technology (MINT) or ... 

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FEE - Fördern und Erfolg ernten e.V.

FEE – Funding and Earning Success eV is an association of committed women from Cologne whose heart is the promotion of girls and women. At FEE, equality becomes... 

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Internationales Frauen-Forum (IFF) Hamm e.V.

The diversity of migrant women enriches our city. Migration opens up new perspectives and opportunities, but it can also involve difficulties arising from unclear legal situations, the lack of... 

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Parto e.V.

At the beginning of the 90s, migrants from the Ruhr area met to exchange ideas and to overcome their problems in their new home together. From these … 

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Vifi e.V.

Vietnamese intercultural women's initiative in Germany, Vifi eV The Vietnamese intercultural women's initiative in Germany eV, ViFi for short, was founded in early 1996 by Vietnamese women. Since the … 

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Deutsch-Spanische Freundschaft e.V.

The German-Spanish Friendship eV is a non-profit association that has been promoting the integration of Spanish-speaking people with a migration background in Leipzig since 2000 and for the … 

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Internationale Frauen Leipzig e.V.

We are an intercultural association that supports women and their families in questions of everyday life. We advise in a variety of languages ​​and help... 

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BeReshith e.V.

Network of Jewish Women in Saxony-Anhalt A Jewish women's association has been active in Magdeburg since 1999. Active women migrants founded this women's group at that time. Diverse offers and topics attracted ... 

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We respect the wishes of the member organizations that do not want to be listed here.