BENGI eV has been working successfully as a non-profit, international women's association in Kassel since 1992. The aim of the association is the professional and social integration, especially of women with a migration background. The association offers seminars and information events on all topics relevant to migration and women. Events on current political issues, culture, history and sights in the city of Kassel and the surrounding area are an integral part of the offer.

BENGI eV feels it is its responsibility to counteract intolerance, racism and discrimination against women and people with and without a migration background. In order to live up to this responsibility, BENGI eV develops appropriate projects, solicits funding and implements them.

As an approved integration course provider (BAMF), we have been offering special integration courses for women since 2005. Since 2015 we have been carrying out the project “Professional orientation and labor market integration for mothers with a migration background” from the program “Strong at work - mothers with a migration background join”. The project "Sponsorships for Refugees" from the program "People strengthen people"Started in 2016 as well as the project" Active Aging - Recruiting Older Migrants for Voluntary Work ".