beramí berufliche Integration e.V.

beramí berufliche Integration eV has been committed to advising and vocational training for women with a history of immigration since 1990. The aim of the engagement is to enable immigrants to establish themselves professionally according to their qualifications and to integrate into society. At beramí, only women work in a multiethnic team whose origins and educational biographies are diverse.

The educational offers are based on the needs of the participants. Current developments on the labor market and changes in society are taken into account and the content is adapted accordingly. For beramí, it is important to record the competencies and qualifications of the participants as a whole, ie not only the professional qualifications and qualifications they have brought with them are taken into account, but also work experience and informally acquired knowledge and competencies.

Through many years of continuous work on topics relevant to the labor market, expert knowledge is generated, which the beramí employees pass on, for example in training courses for multipliers and interested parties or at specialist conferences.

One focus of the association is professional advice in various contexts. The counselors have a sound training background, many years of experience and extensive expertise in the fields of career and educational counseling. beramí offers advice on career path planning and the recognition of foreign educational and professional qualifications, as well as qualification advice in this context and post-qualification advice.