BeReshith e.V.

Network of Jewish Women in Saxony-Anhalt

A Jewish women's association has been active in Magdeburg since 1999. Active women migrants founded this women's group at that time. A wide range of offers and topics drew the Jewish women into club life. Thematic discussions on religion, history, the role of women in Judaism and on family life or musical-literary afternoons, lectures and readings inspired the interested women. The group provided information about important questions about everyday life in Germany and organized exciting excursions to other Jewish organizations and memorials.

The women's group in Magdeburg grew and developed both through content and through new and young women members. This is how it came about that the Jewish women in Magdeburg formed a network. An important achievement that resulted from immigration from the countries of the former Soviet Union. In 2004 the Jewish women's association with the name «BeReshith» (Hebrew: «at the beginning») blossomed, this is the new beginning of a Jewish women's movement in Magdeburg and the surrounding area.

This revitalized a historical and cultural heritage, activated charity and social endeavors, and significantly broadened the horizon of perspectives.

The purpose of the association is to promote solidarity between Jewish women, to strengthen women's self-confidence and to support migrants and their families in their integration through general social and life counseling. The association creates opportunities for contact between Jewish and non-Jewish women and promotes their relationships with one another.

Our local groups in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Oschersleben, Genthin, Schönebeck and Halle contribute a lot to the integration of migrant women on site. We also look after women from Wolmisrtedt, Haldensleben and Landsberg. Social support for club members, especially single women and senior citizens, is also very important to us. In various forms, through information events, working groups, discussions and the exchange of experiences, we try to find ways to improve the working and living conditions of women.

The women's association «BeReshith» e. V. can already look back on busy years. Noteworthy projects have been initiated, implemented, designed, successfully completed and others are still in full swing. The “Festival of Jewish Women in Saxony-Anhalt” crystallized into a tradition; it took place for the third time in 2011 and delighted the guests with a creative and multifaceted program.

The educational seminars on the history and culture of Central Germany and on the country's democratic development have also become an integral part of the association's activities. These events support the women in their integration in Germany and enable them to participate in society. In Magdeburg, Wittenberg and Halle we have organized photo and picture exhibitions with the works of migrant artists.

All of our activities contribute to the strengthening of minorities and equal opportunities, as well as to strengthening a democratic culture.