Internationale Frauen Leipzig e.V.

We are an intercultural association that supports women and their families in everyday matters. We advise in a wide variety of languages ​​and either help on site or refer you to the relevant help facilities.

We stand for the encounter and dialogue between women of different cultures and origins. Our association promotes the understanding of the way of thinking and living of other cultures, especially between Germans and the immigrant population of other cultures.

We encourage women's initiative and personal development. To this end, we organize cultural and regional events (lectures, seminars, music evenings, country evenings, etc.) and also encourage women to organize events themselves.

We also want to get long-term unemployed women out of isolation, involve them in our events and thereby strengthen their self-confidence.

Employees from Iraq, Russia, Chechnya, Vietnam, Kassakhstan and Germany are represented in our association, so we speak a large number of languages.