Koreanische Frauengruppe in Deutschland

A space for empowerment for Korean migrant women in Germany.

The Korean women's group in Germany is an independent, democratic migrant self-organization of Korean women. It was founded in 1978 with the aim of advocating for the legal, social and political equality of migrant women. The majority of Koreans in this country came to Germany as migrant workers in the 60s and 70s. After the recruitment ban in 1973, when Korean nurses were forced to return to Korea, they successfully fought for their residence and employment rights with nationwide signature campaigns and public relations. The Korean women's group in Germany emerged from this resistance movement. Since it was founded, it has been organizing educational seminars and public events twice a year in which it deals with the topic of “women in migration”. Other activities include networking and international solidarity work with women's organizations, maintaining the Korean language and culture, and documenting, archiving and publishing their work.

The Korean women's group calls for equal opportunities for migrant women in professional and social life and advocates human rights for women and supports women through international networking.