Maisha e.V.

Maisha was founded in 1996 as a non-profit, registered association for African migrants. The founding was intended to improve the living conditions of the target group and promote their integration into German society.

As a self-help organization for African migrant women, Maisha Germany maintains an advice center in which African women are supported in questions about integration, German orientation courses, entrepreneurship, asylum, health promotion, upbringing and family problems. In addition, the association organizes seminars, workshops and conferences in the Frankfurt area on integration and gender issues that affect psychosocial and health issues, such as female genital cutting. The association also lobbies for the interests of African women in Germany.

Maisha eV has a wide range of offers and campaigns and is politically active at local, national and European level. The Maisha eV office is located in the center of Frankfurt am Main and is easily accessible by public transport.