dr Soraya Moket

"We must fight against any form of discrimination."

The graduated sociologist Dr. Soraya Moket has been committed to equal rights for girls and women and against any form of discrimination against refugee women and migrants in Germany for many years. She is the first Moroccan DAAD award winner. Ever since her studies, she has been a volunteer at the ASTA and the International Center of the University of Trier, in the Advisory Board for Foreigners and in the Multicultural Center of the City of Trier.

Her dissertation dealt with democracy and gender equality in Morocco. She is a founding member of the German-Moroccan Competence Network (DMK) and was honorary DMK chairperson until March 1, 2014. She was then elected Honorary President. Her focus is on migration and participation as well as on development policy issues. In 2016, together with 23 other women, she received the Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany on International Women's Day from Federal President Joachim Gauck for her socio-political commitment.

dr Soraya Moket is Deputy Managing Director of DaMigra and leader of the MUT 3.0 project.

dr Soraya Moket


Deputy General Manager

E-mail: s.moket@damigra.de

Phone: 030 285 013 36