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The umbrella organization of migrant women's organizations - DaMigra - has been operating since 2014 as a nationwide umbrella organization of migrant women's organizations that is independent of origin and women-specific. DaMigra is party political, ideological and denominationally independent. DaMigra sees itself as the mouthpiece and representative of more than 60 migrant organizations and campaigns for their interests in politics, the public, the media and business nationwide.

The leitmotif and central goal is empowerment, which includes the equal political, social, professional and cultural participation of migrant women and women who are read as migrants in social life in Germany. Equally important is the fight against racism, sexism and social inequality. The umbrella organization therefore opposes any form of discrimination against people, be it on the basis of social and ethnic origin, gender, skin color, sexual identity, disability, age or world view. Internally, DaMigra works to network, qualify and promote migrant organizations. Externally, DaMigra bundles the interests of women with migration and refugee backgrounds in order to make them audible and visible at municipal, state and EU level.

For our concerns and for something to finally move, we need even more attention and reach. Only by making every form of racism and sexism visible in our communities can we fight it. Remaining in passive observation of world events is no longer an option. We must act together now. For this we need your financial support.

With your donation you support the diversity-oriented, anti-racist and anti-sexist work of DaMigra - for example the fight for the nationwide implementation of the Istanbul Convention, to protect women from gender-specific violence in Germany or the support of numerous refugee women in Germany on their way to a job of their own choosing .

You are welcome to support us financially or with donations in kind (e.g. technology) or services (e.g. provision of premises or legal advice).

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