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Our women on the board

Lourdes Martinez

Lourdes Martinez

Board spokeswoman and chairwoman of the board

"We migrants are experts in our concerns."

Kook-Nam Cho-Ruwwe


“The dignity of migrant women is inviolable. The rights of migrant women are human rights. Always, everywhere and of course. "

Duygu Brewer

"Migrant women's rights are human rights"

Portrait of the board member Eleonora Cucina

Eleanor Cucina

"Our voice, our perspective and our competence for a peaceful and democratic migration society"

Inna Schulze

"Enter into dialogue with one another on an equal footing, develop diverse, target group-specific solutions and thus live diversity as normal."

Photo (from left to right): Kook-Nam Cho-Ruwwe, Lourdes Martínez, Duygu Bräuer, Inna Schulze and Eleonora Cucina (projection in the background)

The board has dr Delal Atmaca has an advisory voice on the board.