Kook-Nam Cho-Ruwwe

“The dignity of migrant women is inviolable. The rights of migrant women are human rights. Always, everywhere and of course. "

Kook-Nam Cho-Ruwwe, born in 1948 in Kimcheon, South Korea, came to Germany in 1970 as a registered nurse and worked for four decades in various health and care facilities in Germany. In the 1980s she got involved in development policy and worked in the development service in South Korea from 1984 to 1987. She is a co-founder of the Korean women's group in Germany, which emerged in 1978 from the Korean women's struggle against unequal employment and residence rights for Asian migrant workers. For more than 40 years she was active in the Korean women's group campaigning for political, legal, economic and social equality for female migrant workers in Germany and South Korea.
Kook-Nam Cho-Ruwwe is co-founder and CEO of DaMigra eV. She brings her expertise as a contemporary witness and activist to the various political committees. The promotion of networking and cooperation between migrant organizations and dialogue between generations is particularly important to her. In her work on the board, she also pursues the goal of establishing the political work of DaMigra in all regions, at the municipal, state and federal level together with the women's organizations.