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The migrant women's march is coming up!

Under the umbrella illuminate structures In this year's MigrantinnenMarch we would like to focus on the visibility of migrant and refugee women and all those who are perceived/read as such.

Every week from March we will present you with one of our DaMigra heart topics in written and visual way - from violence protection to the labor market and our understanding of intersectional, anti-racist feminism, everything is included. In the interaction of structural patterns and individual experiences, we want to create references and make the concerns of migrant and refugee women visible throughout March.

Many events will also take place nationwide at all our locations as part of the MigrantinnenMarch - more on that here .

Illustration by Gizem Güvendag / gizemguvendag

More about MigrantinnenMarch 2023 soon here on the website and on our Instagram Channel. stay tuned


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