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Equal Pay Day 2021

Women * with a history of migration or flight
bring up the rear!

Berlin, March 09.03.21th, 2021st. Germany's motto on Equal Pay Day 10.03.2021, this year on March 100th, 200, is: 'Game Changer'! DaMigra eV, the umbrella association of migrant women organizations asks itself: Where do the game changer women * with migration and refugee history stand? Current forecasts say that it will take at least XNUMX years for women and men to get the same pay for the same work. Do we then have to assume that it will take XNUMX years for female migrants *?

According to the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW), the wage gap between men * and migrants * of origin is 11 percent, while that between women * and migrants * of origin is 20 percent. For women * with a history of migration or refugee status, the period is considerably longer in line with the migration gap.

It is no longer a secret that there is an imbalance in pay. However, only very few people are aware that women * with a history of migration and flight are drawing even worse cards. DaMigra CEO *, Kook-Nam Cho-Ruwwe continues:

“The Migration Pay Gap clearly signals that female migrants are treated unequally in the labor market, both because of their gender and because of their migration status. Not only do they get less wages, but often the working conditions are also unfair and they have hardly any social security. "

Existing injustices have been exacerbated, especially since the corona pandemic. For example, these women * more often work in care, cleaning, care for the elderly or in the household - despite higher qualifications and skills. Although the systemic relevance of these jobs has become clearer in society for months, these positions are still mainly in the low-wage sector.

For Migrantinnen * in March 2021 and beyond, DaMigra calls, among other things, for the economic upgrading and social recognition of migrants * in systemically relevant yet precarious employment relationships in order to prevent poverty in old age. The cards have to be reshuffled so that EVERYONE really has a fair chance of participation and a more secure future. As a society, we cannot afford to be measured by three standards!

The migrant march

Between Women's * kampftag, Equal Pay Day and International Day Against Racism, DaMigra focuses particularly on the rights and demands of migrant women *. Together with many migrant women * self-organizations (MSO), DaMigra organizes nationwide creative events on the topics of political participation, protection against violence, the labor market, education and health.

This year we dedicate ourselves to the motto “What if co-determination wasn't a game of chance? What if we played with fair rules? " You can find more information about the migrant march at DaMigra on our homepage www.damigra.de.

The umbrella association of migrant organizations - DaMigra eV

DaMigra eV represents the interests of migrant women * self-organizations and their concerns and advocates equal opportunities, equal participation and the equality of women * with a migration history and refugee experience in Germany. DaMigra follows the approach of anti-racist feminism.


Christelle Nkwendja-Ngnoubamdjum, advisor for press and public relations
E-Mail: presse@damigra.de  / phone: 0159 061 574 95

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