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#No more - the murder of Nadera affects us all!

Come to the rally!

Kornmarkt, Zwickau / Saturday, February 25.02.2023, 14.00 / XNUMX p.m

On the occasion of the femicide of 33-year-old Nadera G., we, the undersigned, call for a Rally on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 14:00 p.m. at the Kornmarkt in Zwickau.

On February 11, 2023, Nadera was murdered in broad daylight in Crimmitschau in front of their children by her husband, with whom she fled to Germany in 2015. For years she lived in fear of her husband and sought protection in the women's shelter, the youth welfare office and other institutions. Despite all the efforts of civil society, she was ultimately not given sufficient protection - not because the women's shelters or institutions failed, but because the state. And also because the institutions are full of obstacles when it comes to seeking protection for Nadera and many other migrant and refugee women.

We do not want to give the well-known narratives of relationship, culture and religion a chance and state it very clearly: that was a murder, a femicide. Behind patriarchal violence is a global system that cuts through all cultures, social classes and religions.

But it was not only the effects of the patriarchy that cost Nadera her life - the lack of help and protection from the state and its institutions also robbed her of security in everyday life, as did 105 other women and three children in 2022. In Germany and here on the spot, as in the case of a 44-year-old last year.

We feel anger, fear and sadness at another life lost. And yet we want to show ourselves strong in order to draw hope and courage from one another. Therefore we call on you to come together on Saturday to raise your voices and fight together against this inhuman violence. Let us stand in solidarity and united at the side of our sisters, friends and acquaintances. No woman and no life is forgotten.


House of Women eV
Umbrella association of migrant women's organizations eV
Amnesty for Women e.V.
Red Tree eV Zwickau
Bellis eV
MIA - mothers' initiative for single parents eViG
Landesfrauenrat Sachsen eV
Mobile Advisory Team West
of the Saxony Cultural Office
Colorido eV
AG asylum seekers


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