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Statement on Turkey's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

At the end of March 2021, Turkey announced its withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention - not a surprising step, but a serious setback for the protection of women's and human rights in Europe, Turkey and worldwide. Today the day has come and Turkey officially withdraws from the Istanbul Convention. This exit must be seen in the context of right-wing conservative and patriarchal socio-political movements that threaten women's and human rights worldwide. Turkey's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention is a slap in the face for everyone who is committed to the fight against violence against women and girls and for the rights of the LGBTQIA + community.

We stand in solidarity with you!

Official statement on the withdrawal of Turkey from the Istanbul Convention by the DaMigra managing director, Dr. Delal Atmaca


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Dr. Delal Atmaca too in German with SWR2 and in Turkish with COSMO Köln Radyosu from WDR.

DaMigra eV represents the interests of migrant women * self-organizations and their concerns and advocates equal opportunities, equal participation and the equality of women * with a migration history and refugee experience in Germany. DaMigra follows the approach of anti-racist feminism.


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