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Refugee Day: Crossing Borders - Who Wins?

On the National Day of Refugees, the umbrella association of migrant organizations (DaMigra eV) appeals to the observance of human rights. The right to asylum and access to protection must be guaranteed, especially for particularly vulnerable groups. The "EU asylum system" newly developed by the EU Commission does not contribute to this, but turns deportations into a social game through the "return sponsorships" within the EU.

The pictures of the fire in the largest camp for refugees in Europe on the Greek peninsula of Lesbos went around the world. Despair, anger, hunger, and fear are reflected in it. Humanitarian aid seems to be a foreign word. The federal government reacted only sparingly and does not see itself - it seems - responsible to protect human lives in the Mediterranean, nor is attention drawn to the precarious situation of refugees in Germany. A ping-pong game of western industrialized countries - Fortress Europe - which leaves those affected, including countless women * and children, in this inhumane position.

“Compliance with human rights, especially for refugee women *, has not only been threatened since the destructive fire in Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos. Here in the accommodations, too, refugee women * suffer desolate living conditions every day. Without the public noticing, they are exposed to threats, humiliation and assaults - up to and including assassinations, ”explains Lourdes Martínez, DaMigra's board spokeswoman *.

"All they want is to escape the cycle of violence, insecurity and a lack of prospects," emphasizes Dr. Delal Atmaca, Managing Director of DaMigra eV “In shared accommodation, women who have fled * are stigmatized and are not adequately protected against sexual assault. That cannot be accepted like that. Those who watch and remain silent are jointly responsible! ”Continues Atmaca.

So we as civil society have a responsibility. To keep appealing and not stopping. The responsibility lies with those who make politics and pass laws. To be there for everyone and to respect human rights.

DaMigra eV (umbrella association of migrant organizations) represents the interests of migrant self-organizations and their concerns. With over 70 member organizations nationwide from different countries of origin, the association is available as a contact for politics, business and the media, offers recommendations for action and critical support for migration-political processes. DaMigra eV advocates equal opportunities, equality and the equality of women * with a migration history in Germany.

Press Contact: Christelle Nkwendja-Ngnoubamdjum, Public Relations Officer,
Mail: nkwendja@damigra.de, phone: 0159 061 574 95



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