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Wake up call: Diversity is not a marketing strategy!

We need more Aylas and Giorginas instead of Thomasse and Karls in our state parliaments!

After starting the SuperwThe Greens in Baden-Württemberg and the SPD in Rhineland-Palatinate celebrate their successes. We would also be celebrating if we were better represented in the new state parliaments! Yet diversity is difficult to find among the 75% male MPs. The stereotype of the old white man is seldom as true as in German state parliaments.

14 of 154 MPs with a migration background in Baden-Württemberg

“People with foreign roots contribute to the economic and social enrichment of a cosmopolitan and internationally oriented Baden-Württemberg”According to the country's integration report from last year.

But that sounds more than cynical! How should 14 out of 154 MPs - which corresponds to a share of 9,1% - represent 33,8% of the population? The numbers and ratios have long been clear - people with a history of migration make up over a quarter of society and women * half. But even after more than 100 years of women's voting rights, white men dominate our parliaments and are reluctant to move from their seats.

But it can be even more absurd:

2 out of 101 MPs with a migration background in Rhineland-Palatinate

The Rhineland Palatinate Ministry for Family, Women, Youth, Integration and Consumer Protection also promotes cosmopolitanism and participation on its website:

“We are convinced that cultural diversity enriches our coexistence, our everyday life, our society and our economy. That is why we are happy when migrants contribute their knowledge and skills, their culture and their skills. "

But how 27% of the population with a migration background can participate in the state parliament in political decisions through 2 members of parliament - who make up less than 2% - is and remains questionable! In the last 15 years, the state has just managed to increase its share of MPs with a migration history from 0% to less than 2%. The proportion of women * has even decreased with this election and there are only 34 women * in the state parliament.

So how can it be that in 2021 we see ourselves on the one hand as an immigration society in which democratic rights such as equality have a high priority, and on the other hand still fail because of the diversity of our society in the state parliaments and to map the decisive bodies?

The cards have to be reshuffled! If parliaments or councils do not represent the diversity of the population, it means an imbalance, as is reflected, among other things, in the gender and diversity gap. Our parliaments must have equal and diverse staff so that as many votes as possible are represented.

How can we explain the discrepancy between the composition of our parliaments and the values ​​of our Basic Law? Freedom and equality are among the basic concepts of our modern understanding of democracy and are fixed in the Basic Law in this country. They belong to the basic and human rights and should actually be out of the question. But the reality looks different. Some are freer and more equal than others!

To change this, we ask for a parity law that the actual diversity of society and strengthens our democracy and cohesion in our diverse immigration society!

Because a democracy can only be strong if the voices and interests of ALL people living here are heard and they see themselves represented.

Therefore we need a parity law that follows intersectional feminist and anti-racist values. Religion, level of education, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, social milieu and much more must be viewed in their simultaneity, as required by our Basic Law, Article 3 Paragraphs 2 and 3.

Only if everyone has a say can representation of interests and opinion as an integral part of democracies be guaranteed.

We also need the readiness of Thomasse, Karls and all the other men who have been blocking our parliaments for decades -
To make way for more diversity in politics!

The umbrella association of migrant organizations - DaMigra eV

DaMigra eV represents the interests of migrant women * self-organizations and their concerns and advocates equal opportunities, equal participation and the equality of women * with a migration history and refugee experience in Germany. DaMigra follows the approach of anti-racist feminism.

Contact: presse@damigra.de

Download wake-up call here.



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