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Migrant March 2022

What if participation wasn't a game of chance?

What if we played by fair rules?

♥️ Again this year, migrants - and everyone who is perceived/read as such - are demanding fair rules so that EVERYONE finally has the same opportunities and access.

🃏 The rules are clear: human rights apply always and everywhere - also for migrants. This also means: suspending a round for anyone who doesn't want to stick to these rules or who plays others.

♦️In card set 1 of 4 we call for comprehensive health care for everyone, regardless of papers. We want everyone who needs help to get information and support in their first language! You see the set here .

♦️In card set 2 of 4 we demand self-determination for all people, regardless of gender or residence status! You see the set hier.

We load more sets of cards every Wednesday throughout March Instragram high!

📢 Join the Migrants March: Share your favorite cards with your friends and networks! Carry them out to March 8th!

“In politics, decisions about education, the labor market, culture, the environment or even health are made over our heads. But democracy is not democracy if not everyone is allowed to have a say and help shape, ”said Duygu Bräuer, CEO of DaMigra.

DaMigra on Women's Day on March 8, 2022

♦️Berlin: Volksbühne 11:00 a.m

♦️Hall: at the Rennbahnkreuz 14 p.m. & 00:16 p.m. rally at the Steintor, more impressions here .

♦️Leipzig: Alexis-Schumann-Platz 14 p.m.: Interview with Lisa Rechenberg and Nadia Galina with Radio Blau from minute 30

Looking back at 2021


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