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With the “MUT-Macherinnen *” project, which will start in 2019, DaMigra eV would like to make it easier for refugee women to arrive in Germany and give them more opportunities to actively participate.

With the project, DaMigra supports courageous women who take their lives into their own hands, who want to live, learn and work actively in this country as “doers”. The “MUT-Macherinnen *” wants to promote this will of women through various event formats and support them in building a self-determined life in Germany.

The project’s goals: 

  • Support and empower refugee women in different life situations, by recruiting migrant women as volunteers for refugee women and qualifying them for voluntary work.
  • Empowerment of refugee women as well as educational work about women's and human rights in order to strengthen their societal, social, political and cultural opportunities to participate.
  • Gender equality – raising awareness and education of (also) refugee men regarding the equality of women in the family, economy and society. In this way, the project aims to strengthen people's understanding of democracy and the rule of law and support the entire family in their participation process.
  • Strengthening of social diversity and acceptance, to take preventive and active action against prejudice and thus promote peaceful coexistence on site. The experience of the last two years has shown that there have been setbacks in solidarity with refugees, so that resentments and in some cases racist attacks and even acts of violence have become more and more open. Refugees would like to have more opportunities to exchange ideas with the host society so that they are made aware of the special concerns of women who have fled.
  • Professionalisation of voluntary work with the objective ofproject sustainability. With the help of the project, the women should be able to work independently for their goals or to mobilize the necessary resources. This is intended to activate the self-help potential of women. At the same time, appropriate self-help structures can be strengthened and established.

As the umbrella organization of female migrant organizations, DaMigra not only unites over 70 member organizations and associations, but is also increasingly in direct contact with women with refugee or migration history. DaMigra would like to tackle the new challenges together with these women. They all have experience and strategies on how to deal with challenges and how to manage them successfully. They also have linguistic and cultural access, which play a major role in building trust. As a result, they are able to support and accompany this underrepresented group on their way to social participation, as well as to take on the role of a figure of identification for them. This role model function in particular is very important for arriving here in society.

Migrants as encouragers and bridge builders

DaMigra was able to reach over 2016 participants between 2018 and 40.000 through the previous project “Migrants as encouragers and bridge builders” (“MUT” ​​for short). Most of them were newly immigrated refugee women.

DaMigra was able to support and empower many refugee women with the “MUT” ​​project. Especially in the first phase of uncertainty and disorientation after experiences of war, violence and flight, the project was able to offer a support network with the help of many migrant women who were already living here, which was very well received. Now many of these women we were able to reach want to finally get started and arrive in this country. With the “MUT-Macherinnen *” project, we would like to actively support them on this path.

Note on gender-sensitive spelling: As the umbrella organization of and for migrant women in Germany that thinks and acts in an intersectional feminist way, DaMigra eV chose a gender-sensitive spelling with asterisks (MUT-makers *) until July 2021. This should point beyond the bisexuality ("women" and "men") and symbolize the actual diversity of genders. Here you will find information about the current gender-sensitive spelling of DaMigra.



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