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Women with migration experience are clearly underrepresented in the labor market and in qualification measures. The ESF Plus funding program "MY TURN - Women with migration experience start through" (MY TURN) is intended to help ensure that formally low-skilled women with migration experience who have an increased need for support participate in qualification measures to a greater extent than before and consequently take part in sustainable take up employment subject to social security contributions or self-employment or begin vocational training.

The project is being implemented as part of a project association with the Thuringian Business Education Institute, DaMigra (umbrella association of migrant women's organisations) and the association Prof. A. Hermann Krüger (Krüger Association). The Institute for Vocational Training and Social Management takes over the coordination of the project network and implements the professional advice for migrant women. 

The project network offers a wide range of services for migrants:

  • Information events for social and professional orientation
  • Empowerment workshops and workshops on the compatibility of family and work
  • Language coaching and language learning advice
  • Professional advice, support with application and job search
  • Organization of company visits; Internship and socio-spatial excursions
  • Mediation in qualification, training and work
  • Computer courses to acquire and expand digital skills
  • 6-month job market-related qualification course
  • Individual basic education courses

The project Strong Together – Female Migrants Get Started started on October 01.10.2022st, 31.12.2025 and will run until December XNUMXst, XNUMX. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the European Union via the European Social Fund plus (ESF plus) as part of the "MYTURN - women with migration experience start through" program.