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Together against racism and sexism

The barriers and discrimination that women with a migration or refugee background experience in Germany are as diverse as the women themselves, and the struggles that migrant and refugee women and girls are waging for equal participation in society and equal opportunities are very diverse.

Multiple discrimination, sexism, racism and institutional forms of discrimination primarily endanger women themselves, but also pose a great danger to society as a whole because they jeopardize social cohesion and political progress.

In order to combat multiple discrimination against migrant and refugee women, to strengthen their political participation and thus contribute to a diverse and democratic society, structures and conditions must be created that make this possible. Because combating multiple discrimination and political participation are holistic and multifaceted processes that require the involvement of all actors involved.

The project bundles these problems and topics such as anti-racist and intersectional feminism, violence prevention, protection against violence, gender perspective and diversity orientation #together! and transports them into the debates and participatory processes of plural civil society.

#together! empowers & strengthens migrant self-organizations:

Migrant women's self-organizations are the most important supporters and contact persons for women with a refugee or migration background and deserve recognition for their mostly voluntary work and expertise. #together! is committed to strengthening MSOs, professionalizing their structures and networking between MSOs. Opened as part of various event formats such as conferences, networking meetings and conferences on women's and migration policy issues #together! Space and opportunities to empower migrant and refugee women and their representatives in migrant self-organizations to participate comprehensively in society as a whole.

#together! stands for intersectional & anti-racist feminism and is committed to making structures anti-sexist and anti-racist:

Committees, committees and parliaments often talk about women with a migration or refugee background, but rarely with them. #together! works at state, federal and European level to establish intersectional and anti-racist feminism as a holistic perspective in the work and structures of political alliances and committees. In addition, will #together! Sensitize political actors, network partners, committee members and institutions to their own mechanisms of exclusion and anti-racist feminist politics and thus encourage them to change their structures and open up.

#together! empowers women from war and conflict zones and creates networking and dialogue:

Women, girls and members of the LGBTQIA+ community are specifically affected by crises and wars, and the gendered impact of conflict poses a threat to peace and security. #together! will strengthen women from war and conflict zones such as Ukraine and Afghanistan and enable exchange and dialogue between women from different war and conflict zones. In addition, will #together! stand up for the concerns of women from war and conflict zones, increase their visibility, make support structures more accessible and sensitize society to their concerns.

The project #together! Together against sexism and racism is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.