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Critical educational offers and empowerment for women and girls affected by racism as well as the strengthening of civil society actors in their commitment against racism

In Germany, people with a history of immigration or fleeing are often confronted with multiple forms of discrimination and racism: when looking for accommodation or in the job market, through pejorative looks in the tram or through lack of representation on a political and economic level. This misanthropy, these disadvantages and these exclusions encounter migrant read people every day. In particular, the right-wing extremist attack in Halle on October 09, 2019 or the right-wing extremist, racist and Islamophobic attack on February 19, 2020 in Hanau make it clear that these racist and misanthropic ideologies can be deadly in a society.

Migrant women, refugee women and women from immigrant families are particularly affected by racism and discrimination, as they are exposed to several forms of discrimination within society. That's why DaMigra eV wants to start the project women raises.ed empower women and girls affected by racism. women raises.ed will provide women and girls affected by racism with strategies for dealing with and dealing with racism and discrimination in their everyday dealings and will inform participants about the various manifestations of racism and group-focused enmity.

But fighting racism is not primarily the task and responsibility of those affected themselves! The people and institutions of the dominant society, who themselves benefit from structures of discrimination, should bear the responsibility of seeing and fighting precisely those structures. Especially when it comes to enabling the ability to act and empowering people affected by racism, those who are not affected are also in demand - which is why it was developed women raises.ed also offers that are aimed at the dominant society and sensitize them to issues specific to women and migration.

women raises.ed is aimed at migrant women and girls, including those who have fled, all of DaMigra's fellow women's organizations and other women's self-organizations and women's initiatives, as well as institutions and people in the dominant society. 

women raises.ed is active in North Rhine-Westphalia & Hesse, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia & Saxony and in Berlin/Brandenburg & Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

women rais.ed recognizes and encourages: Learning to recognize and identify racism & discrimination

In order to understand the different forms of racism, women affected by racism must know the colonial history, origin and consequences of racism and be able to integrate them into their realities of life. offers for this women raises.ed women affected free information events, series of seminars and cultural events. The participants learn to recognize and identify racism and discrimination.

women rais.ed empowers: learning individual empowerment & developing collective capacity to act

Racism and discrimination are often crippling experiences and difficult to identify for those affected. women raises.ed offers affected women safe spaces to reflect on their own socialization, appreciate their skills and develop strategies to be able to resolutely oppose discrimination and racism. With empowerment and argumentation training, the intersectional perspective and the perspective of those affected are sharpened and their ability to act is strengthened.

women rais.ed informs, raises awareness and connects: fight racism and discrimination in society as a whole

The empowerment of those affected cannot only be their own responsibility, but must be dealt with by society as a whole. women raises.ed informs through targeted public relations and campaigns and sensitizes civil society actors in working groups and exchange formats in the fight against racism and develops modules that are aimed at the dominant society.

Contact: women-rais.ed@damigra.de
Instagram: women_rais.ed

The project women raises.ed is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration and the Federal Government Commissioner for Anti-Racism.




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