RRRLAMPAGA! Fanzine vol. 01

The fanzine was created as part of a series of courage-makers events with the aim of sensitizing society to the concerns of FLINTA with immigration biographies.

The first fanzine is part of a series of events that encourage women and in cooperation with Latinxs Leipzig was created, which aims to sensitize society to the concerns of FLINTA with bigration biographies.  

Rrrlampaga are women, migrants, Latin Americans in Germany. As part of the protests on March 8th, the idea came up to use a fanzine as a space in which they can make their thoughts and experiences visible and reflect critically.  

Rrrlampaga position themselves against Euro-centrism and hegemonic white feminism, which is elitist and often discriminatory and racist. When they talk about feminisms and FLINTA, we always use the plural.

have with art Rrrlampaga found a form that expresses her thoughts in the hope that this fanzine will also give readers food for thought.

Rrrlampaga are Tatiana Pinzon, Estefania Sarmiento, Akemi Paz and Cristiana Parisi. We want to create a world where there is room for many worlds.

You can follow them on Instagram here or under them under rrrlampaga@gmail.com Contact.