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Education initiative Ferhat Unvar, 24 March 2023, 16:00 - 19:00

women rais.ed Discussion Event: Criticism of Racism in the Education System & in Society

Dear interested parties,

We hereby cordially invite you to the information event and panel discussion Racism criticism in the education system & in society a. This event is a DaMigra eV event within the framework of the International Weeks Against Racism and takes place in cooperation with Education initiative Ferhat Unvar and the International Cultural Center Hanau instead.

With this event, we want to focus on the perspectives and experiences of young people in the racism discourse and discuss the events in connection with the right-wing extremist and racist attack in Hanau on February 19, 2020. In particular, we want to center the perspectives and experiences of racialized youth and their families. We ask ourselves how they perceive the confrontation with racist conditions in the education system. Where can we find solidarity and opportunities for action? Where do we start to draw attention to structural and institutional racism and how do we create spaces to fight it?

Level those questions were answered by our cooperation partners Education initiative Ferhat Unvar taken up, which offer all children, adolescents, young adults and their parents who have racist experiences in everyday life or at school a contact point and actively campaign against everyday and institutional racism and structural discrimination in the education system. Because school is one of the central socialization instances in our society - and as a mirror of society, it is also clear: there is no school without discrimination. And there is no school without racism.

Various forms of discrimination and racism also occur there, as everywhere in social life. Together we want to create a space to focus on racism and discrimination in schools and society.


They discuss about:

Cornelia Gasche: Women's Representative of the City of Hanau

Serpil Temiz Unvar: Founder of the educational initiative Ferhat Unvar

Nouha El Jazouli: City school spokeswoman for the city of Hanau (requested)

Sandra Kanbak: District Manager Hanau Southeast (requested)

Natalie Jopen: Union secretary Ver.di (requested)

Dr. Soraya Moket: Project management of women rais.ed & deputy managing director of DaMigra eV


Together we discuss questions like:

  • Which conditions prevent or promote the equal participation of students in the education system?
  • What should be done to increase student empowerment & voice?
  • How can you defend yourself if you are affected by racism in everyday school life?
  • The learning content at German schools is very dense. How could criticism of racism be integrated into everyday school life?
  • What should be done by society so that the migration background is perceived as a resource instead of a deficit?


Moderation: Najima el Hadouchi, press and public relations officer of DaMigra eV

The event is open to all interested parties, free of charge and takes place in German and in simple language.

women raises.ed is an anti-racism project launched by DaMigra. We support the recognition of racism & sexism, encourage self-empowerment and empower women for a collective fight against discrimination!

We kindly ask you to register by January 23.03.2023, XNUMX

via email to: sener@damigra.de

or via WhatsApp at +49 176 55021810

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