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Frankfurt am Main, May 28, 2023, 11:30 a.m. - 14:15 p.m.

Cinema visit of the film "The Teacher's Room"!

Dear women,

we hereby invite you to a visit the cinema a. We want the film together

"The teacher's room" view. This film tells us the spiral of suspicion, accusation, prejudice, denial and general despair.

There will be exciting entertainment for about 100 minutes.


Carla Nowak (LEONIE BENESCH), a committed sports and mathematics teacher, starts her first job at a high school. In the new college, she stands out because of her idealism. When a series of thefts occurs at school and one of her students is suspected, she decides to investigate the matter on her own.

Carla tries to mediate between outraged parents, bossy colleagues and belligerent students, but we are ruthlessly confronted with the structures of the school system. The more desperately she tries to do everything right, the more the young teacher threatens to break down.

Afterwards we want to discuss together in order to recognize and name the message of the film and what helps us/you to counteract prejudices and discrimination in an empowering way.

We also want to talk about the education system.

The event is free and will be held in German.


Location: Mal Seh'n Kino eV, Adlerflychtstr. 6, 60318 Frankfurt am Main


We kindly ask you to register by January 24.05.2023, XNUMX

via email to: sener@damigra.de

or via WhatsApp at +49 176 55021810


Women rais.ed is an anti-racism project launched by DaMigra, which is aimed at women and girls who experience racism, sexism and multiple discrimination. We support the recognition of racism & sexism, encourage self-empowerment and empower for a collective fight against discrimination!



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