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Stralsund, 20 March 2023, 12:00 - 14:00

women rais.ed and "House of Resource": Closing event of "Misch dich ein"

As part of the week against racism, DaMigra organizes together with the cooperation partner House of resource the final meeting of the series of events "Get involved"!
We meet on March 20.03.23th, 12.00 at 13 in front of the library, Badenstraße 18439, XNUMX Stralsund.

The goals of the meeting are to educate the public about the topic of racism, to make the everyday life of racism of affected women visible (more), as well as to present and discuss the results of the two workshops that were developed with the participants: How does it feel , if you stand up for each other and get involved? What do affected women want when dealing with racism? Which topics deserve more attention from the participants' point of view?

In Germany, people with a history of immigration or flight are confronted with multiple forms of discrimination and racism: when looking for housing or the job market, through pejorative looks on the tram or through the lack of representation on a political and economic level. But fighting racism is not primarily the task and responsibility of those affected themselves! The people and institutions of the dominant society who benefit from these structures of discrimination should bear the responsibility of seeing and fighting precisely those structures. Especially when it comes to enabling the ability to act and empowering people affected by racism, those who are not affected are also in demand. Against this background, women rais.ed develops offers that are also aimed at the dominant society and sensitizes and enlightens them to issues specific to women and migration.

Discuss the results at the final meeting:

  • jessica thomas, Stralsund City Library
  • Anja-Isabelle jewelry, Migration Commissioner of the Hanseatic City of Stralsund
  • Maria García Rojo, House of Resources Greifswald (Stralsund office)
  • Volunteers: Jihan D, Rabeaa A & Rima A
  • Irina Fischer & Irina Agaeva, site coordinator & project employee from the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania site in the project Together MUTig
  • Adeline Haaby, consultant for the NORTH region in the women rais.ed project

The women who have already taken part in the two previous workshops will also take part in the discussion. Other participants who are interested in a joint dialogue and the topic are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you and an interesting exchange!

women raises.ed is an anti-racism project launched by DaMigra. We support the recognition of racism & sexism, encourage self-empowerment and empower women for a collective fight against discrimination!

We kindly ask you to register via email to:
a.haaby@damigra.de or women-rais.ed@damigra.de

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