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Anti-discrimination and intersectionality

Women with a history of migration or flight are often affected by several forms of discrimination at the same time

In 2006, the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) came into force in Germany. The law aims to prevent or eliminate discrimination based on (attributed) ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity. Women with migration and refugee history are often affected by several forms of discrimination at the same time, i.e. being a woman, not German or not being white, coming from a disadvantaged social class, old age and / or living with a disability, being homosexual Being trans- or intersexual leads to the fact that many social exclusions are intertwined or experienced intersectionally.

Intersectionality describes an approach that explains the interrelationships, "intersections" and interdependencies of social categories such as ethnicity, gender, nation and class together. Accordingly, inequality-producing categories such as gender, “race” and “class” should no longer be viewed in isolation from one another. The approach therefore not only takes into account different social categories, but also puts their interactions in the foreground. The category “gender” thus not only refers to the construction of the gender roles of “woman” and “man”, but also highlights the interaction of different forms of discrimination, such as sexism and racism.

Women with a history of migration and flight experience these exclusions not only in everyday life, but also through discriminatory structures and laws, such as the residence obligation, police checks independent of suspicion or restricted access to the education, work and health system.

The realities of life of migrant women and refugee women show how much access to justice is already a privilege. DaMigra campaigns against all forms of discrimination and offers intersectional basic and human rights education by and for women with a history of migration or refugee status.

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