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Work and migration

Multiple discrimination in the labor market

There is a large wage gap between men and women in Germany. Migrant women are often affected by multiple discrimination on the labor market. In 2013, the OECD worked out that Germany brings up the rear in an international comparison when it comes to the labor market integration of migrant women into the public service. But not only in this area of ​​the labor market there is a lot of catching up to do. The subsequent qualification of migrant women who are already living here, but also the linguistic and professional qualifications of people who have recently migrated to Germany, are very important in order to counteract exploitative working conditions. DaMigra advocates equal access to education, recognition of foreign qualifications and equality for migrants.

Double standards in the care sector: systemically relevant but exploited

Labor Day 2021: What work and which workers are we talking about?

Equal Pay Day 2021: Women with migration and refugee backgrounds bring up the rear!

We are systemically relevant and worth all protection! The Corona crisis from a feminist-migrant perspective

Recognition of professional qualifications

The federal government regulates the recognition of diplomas acquired abroad by immigrants in Germany. However, only professions within the federal jurisdiction are affected by the federal recognition law. It does not regulate the professions for which the federal states are responsible, such as the professions: teachers, educators, social pedagogues, engineers and architects. For these professions, the recognition of foreign professional qualifications is regulated by state laws. The federal states are currently in the process of putting appropriate state laws in motion.

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Digital Round Table 2021: "Migration and Gender Pay Gap - Solutions are needed!"

As part of a digital round table, representatives from science, politics and practice met on May 27, 2021 on the subject of migration and the gender pay gap - women with refugee and migration histories in the corona pandemic '. In the search for possible solutions, questions such as, "What effects does the corona pandemic have on work in the low-wage sector and on care work, which is mostly carried out by women with a migration or refugee background?" Were discussed.

Migration and the gender pay gap - solutions are needed!

Annual conference 2018: "We can do it - We do it!"

How do racist and sexist barriers prevent the equal participation of women with refugee and migration backgrounds in the labor market? And which changed framework conditions and resources are necessary to enable women with a refugee or migration history to have equal access to the economy and society? At the annual conference 2018 DaMigra eV invited under the motto "We can do it - We do it!" To take a look at the topic of labor market integration of women with refugee and migration histories. The causes and consequences of restricted labor market participation were discussed and possible solutions were discussed together.

Documentation of the DaMigra annual conference 2018: "Women with refugee and migration histories in the labor market"

Annual theme of the MUT project 2018: Getting refugee women into work

The year 2018 was the focus of the project Migrants as encouragers and bridge builders on the subject of labor market integration. Around 30 percent of the events were dedicated to this focus and supported refugee women in shaping their own way into the labor market. At the closing event, the MUT project presented its results and successes from 2018 and spoke to politicians about the situation of refugee women in Germany.

Press release on the annual close of the MUT project