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Halberstadt, 28. Mai 2018, 10:30 - 14:30

The Police are prefaced – prevention work and counselling at the police

We cordially invite you to the information event „The Police are prefaced – prevention work and counselling at the police“.

The training provides an insight into the different types of domestic violence and shows that victims and perpetrators are not only limited to spouses and husbands, but also constellations with other family members such as children play a role. Furthermore, it is discussed what acts which are stamped for some as harmless quarrels, can in fact be a danger to the well-being of women * and girls *. It explains the subject of domestic violence from a police point of view and provides opportunities for security in emergency situations for affected women *. There is also the possibility to discuss general or specific questions about the work of the police.

The Info-event is aimed at migrants * and women fleeing * and girls * (from 16 years).

Speakers are: Representatives of police prevention from the police station resin languages: German and Arabic-translation on demand, further languages on request. We have childcare. Please register. We look forward to an exciting day with many interesting and committed women!!!

The Courage Project the Courage Project organizes events nationwide, as well as consulting and Empowerment project, which women * perform with migration history as „Encourage bridge builders“ for fled women *. The aim is to enable women * with escape and migration history to be able to live a self-determined life in their new environment. More than that, the project is working on the fact that these women * eventually become „Encourage bridge builders“ and develop and carry out offers for women who have fled.

Registrations are requested to:

Nicole Thies, Project Coordinator
MUT Project | Halle
DaMigra e.v.

Phone 0345-61409866
Mail: thies@damigra.de

Date: Monday 28 May 2018
Time: 10:30 am to 14:00 pm
Location: Socio- cultural Zentrum Zora e.v.
Johannis Monastery 9
38820 Halberstadt

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