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Migrant womenMarch 2024

Slide over – we have a say! – Political participation from a feminist-migrant perspective

🎤Let's take a look back: It's November and the DaMigra annual conference is in full swing. Following the last panel discussion on the topic of “Reducing institutional and structural hurdles,” a participant stands up during the question and answer session. But instead of a question, she has a demand that she speaks into the microphone. This demand is: Make room! – It is no longer enough to just talk “about” migrants and refugee women. It takes speaking with us, at eye level. This credo is far from new, but as long as this gap exists, we will continue to demand it. So the participant self-determinedly claimed her place, went to the front and, a few minutes later, was part of the podium, not just the discussion. On stage, not just in front of it. This symbolic act shows that we are no longer just demanding our place, but actually taking it. There is a big leap between wanting and doing - which we are finally taking. We don't take up any space, but add a chair.

We would like to use this initiative as the starting point for this year's Migrant Women's March and dedicate the motto "Slide over - we have a say!" to it. We want to make this powerful moment effective beyond the annual conference. We are leaning on the motto from 2020 “Determine for yourself! Have a say! Decide now!” and expand it, looking beyond the status quo, to include the question: Where are we now, where do we want to go?

The perspectives and experiences of migrant and refugee women must be brought into political discourse through an intersectional perspective and their far-reaching involvement in migrant organizations must be valued. Their political participation is not only aimed at migration policy issues. Migrant women also work far beyond this for a democratic state and a diverse society. They work on educational struggles, labor rights, gender equality and economic policy. Migrant voices are an indispensable part of all discourses and must not be reduced to their competence in migration policy.

📢 We want to use the Migrant Women's March this year as an opportunity to encourage their participation finally & really to make it a reality. It's time for EVERYONE to sit together at the big table of decision-makers. It's time for actual Power sharing, which gives agency back to people with less privilege. We address those in power, politics, the media, the labor market and alliances with a clear message: Slide over – we'll have a say!

In concrete terms, this means that we want to show the possibilities for more political participation for migrant women through low-barrier, target group-oriented and participatory events. The events are intended to empower women with a migration and refugee history and offer them the platform to formulate their concerns on their own initiative. In addition, in a high-profile way Social media campaign the limitations that prevent migrant and refugee women from actively participating in politics should be pointed out.

Kick-off video for the Migrant Women's March


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DaMigras events in the Migrant Women's March

♦️ March 04th, 09:30 a.m., Berlin Global Village: Press Breakfast “ The fight against the shift to the right is only possible with anti-racist feminist voices! (#self-determined!)

♦️ March 06th, Berlin: Craft workshop – posters for March 8th (GemeinsamMUTig)

♦️ March 06th, 13:30 p.m., Magdeburg: Visit to the reception of the state capital Magdeburg (GemeinsamMUTig)

March 07th, 12:00, Magdeburg: Environmentally friendly and sustainable – women's flea market (GemeinsamMUTig)

♦️ March 07th, Leipzig: Radio workshop at Radio Blau

♦️ March 08th, Berlin: Women's Breakfast (GemeinsamMUTig)

08. March, 10:00, Greifswald: With MUT against racism and sexism, in cooperation with ASNA eV (GemeinsamMutig)

08. March, Halle: Dance is a bridge – come dance with us. Dance empowerment for FLINTA (women rais.ed)

️ 08. March, Reading: Maghreb HerStories, in cooperation with Zukunft Plus e. V. and Bilk Library

12. March, 10:30, Halle and Magdeburg: MUT meeting. Visit to the city museum for our own exhibition (GemeinsamMUTig)

March 12th, 15 p.m., Erfurt: Intercultural exchange and conversation training on the topic of political participation (MyTurn)

♦️ March 13th, 10:00 a.m., Berlin: Exhibition tour “Solidarize yourselves! Black resistance and global anti-colonialism in Berlin, 1919–1933” (women rais.ed)

15. March, 18:00 p.m., Halle: Reading about anti-Asian racism with Hami Nguyen's “The End of Invisibility” (women rais.ed)

♦️ March 16th, Leipzig: Radio workshop at Radio Blau and broadcast of the program (GemeinsamMUTig)

♦️ March 17th, 17:00 p.m., Frankfurt: Moderation of diversity discussion at “Topos” – DFF Film Festival Southern Lights

♦️ March 18, 17:00 p.m., Frankfurt: Moderation of diversity discussion at “Fogareu” – DFF Film Festival Southern Lights

♦️ March 19th, 19:30 p.m., online: Ramadan in times like these – exchange

♦️ March 20th, 14 p.m., Erfurt: Self-determination and professional participation (GemeinsamMUTig)

♦️ March 22nd, Erfurt: Film screening of Mo Asumang's documentary “The Aryans” followed by an audience discussion (women rais.ed)

March 29th, 17:00 p.m., Düsseldorf: Film screening: About the courage to carry on

Looking back at 2024 – Our fight continues!


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