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Brave together

January 2023 – December 2024

Together MUTig accompanies women with flight and migration experiences as well as migrants in a practice-oriented manner and, if necessary, in improving their chances of social participation and coexistence on site, or to achieve them. They should get a better orientation, recognize their resources and use them self-confidently in society, on the job market and in the education sector.

The project is essentially aimed at four Target groups

  • Women with refugee or migration experience
  • Other people with refugee or migration experience
  • Actors in the labor and training market, employers
  • companies

We're tracking four main goals

  • Support for orientation in coping with challenges in everyday life
  • Resource-oriented empowerment
  • access to the labor market
  • increase in visibility

Women with a history of flight and migration experience multiple forms of discrimination and multiple structural barriers to access: as people who have fled, as migrants, and as women.

Current studies prove:

What is missing?

First of all, what is missing is information and advice (in the first and family languages) that corresponds to the qualifications of the women, and childcare. Unequally distributed care work due to gender stereotypes, difficult entry into qualification or training measures, placement in precarious employment or a lack of recognition of qualifications often stand in the way. Ultimately, most women, whether qualified or not, face a very difficult path to develop and implement future career plans in Germany.

Our project in detail:

First of all, we would like to offer women orientation – both privately and professionally. Above all, this includes empowering them, connecting them and helping them to develop. Meanwhile, the participants in Together MUTig can make their way to internships, training or jobs in several languages. DaMigra's feminist, anti-racist self-image accompanies all events and inputs and emphasizes equality and self-determination. The women and girls should be able to take MUTig together as an opportunity for self-realization: They should gain trust, develop themselves, become visible and stand up for themselves in the labor and training market and realize their interests and projects.  

All relevant institutions of the labor and education market (job centers, employment agencies, chambers of industry and commerce, chambers of crafts, entrepreneurs) as well as other individuals, such as volunteers from the majority society, should also be supported through regular rounds of talks and personal networking meetings with women with refugees and refugees history of migration are made aware of their interests, standpoints and realities. Only through an open exchange beyond clichés and pre-established paths can people develop and meet each other. In a space so genuinely open to participation and collaboration, the great potential of diverse, participatory societies can truly be seen and realized for all. Through various formats, such as participation in round tables, prejudices and stereotypes should be discussed and refuted openly and at eye level in order to create a realistic picture of the various actors and to develop and recognize future-oriented perspectives together. Together MUTig wants to build networks and strengthen cooperation between regional labor market and educational actors, volunteers and women with refugee and migration experience so that they can develop perspectives beyond the project.

The project is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration and the Commissioner for Anti-Racism.


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