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About Us

DaMigra has been the umbrella organization for migrant women's organizations in Germany since 2014.

That means DaMigra connects many women's groups throughout Germany. Women from different regions of the world work in the groups. Women who have been here for a long time, women who have fled or women who grew up in Germany but are still not treated equally in society.

Together they fight for everyone to have the same rights and for women and girls to be able to live as they want. It doesn't matter what they wear, who they love, who they believe in, where they come from, what education they have, how much money they have, whether they have a German passport or whether they are disabled.  

We want to empower and support women and girls so that they can live well in Germany. We want to fight together so that we have a voice in society that is heard. We work independently of political parties.

How shall we do it?

We work with politicians, the media, the public and business and advocate for the rights of migrant women. That means we make racism visible in the offices, schools, at work and prejudices in the media about migrant and refugee women. This is how we can fight discrimination.

We work with the women themselves and with people who can make political decisions. To do this, we hold seminars and working groups on various topics for the women. Topics can be: discrimination, health, work, protection against violence, family and more.

DaMigra would like to support women who experience discrimination in Germany to live equal rights in society and to pursue their own interests.

Our projects:

The project #self-determined!

Strengthens women in their own decisions and plans for their lives

How shall we do it?

Through various events, #self-determined provides spaces where women can talk about what they want to develop their own goals.

Does political networking.

How does this happen?

People often talk in parliaments and political working groups about migrant and refugee women, but rarely with them. #self-determined! is represented by DaMigra in networks and groups to represent the interests of migrant women. This goes from the level of the federal states, the federal government to the European level.

Makes the potential of women visible.

What does that mean ?

Women who build a new life for themselves and their families in a foreign country show a lot of strength. The receiving society often does not see this courage. At #Self-determined, women who migrated many years ago meet women who have fled and who have not been in Germany for long. The exchange between them makes their experiences visible and shows how valuable they are for a democratic and diverse society. We make the inspiring work of migrant women visible through social media so more people can experience and appreciate them.

The women raises.ed project

The women rais.ed project has been around since July 2021 to empower girls and women affected by racism. Through education, the women and girls should recognize what racism is and how it works in order to fight against it.

The project works in three steps:

  • First, the women deal with the history of racism together.  To do this, they work on the history of colonialism and the consequences of racism. In this way they can better classify the racism in their own lives. This happens through free information and educational events.
  • Then the women talk about the fact that people who experience racism also think and act racist. Because of prejudices we all learn from media, family and society, they can treat other people badly and think badly of themselves too. To change that, women rais.ed offers events in which participants deal with their own stories and prejudices.
  • As a last step, people who constantly experience stressful racism are strengthened. We show ways and practice together to be able to deal with it better in the future. Women rais.ed is a safe place where the women concerned can reflect on their experiences and abilities and consider together what methods they can use to defend themselves against discrimination.

The project Brave together

The project is for refugee women and girls and companies and those involved in the labor and training market such as the IHK or the employment agency.

Mutig together has three major goals:

  • Through information, women and girls get to know the job and training market, the rights and obligations of people who work and people who let others work for them. Through internships, the women and girls can recognize their own abilities and potential. In the project, they also learn how to be digitally successful in their jobs.
  • Women and girls receive orientation for everyday life. The women and girls receive support when they have problems and challenges. private and professional. We want to help them recognize their strengths and use them. They should also get to know other women and girls who have had a similar story or similar experiences.
  • strengthen diversity. The project aims to show how important and beneficial a diverse society is. The aim is for everyone to be able to participate in this society. The developments in the project are documented for the public through social media so that more people can see the strengths of the participants.