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Anti-Racist Feminism

Against racist popular vote in the name of women's rights

From public debates, such as those that took place after Cologne's New Year's Eve 2015/2016, to right-wing marches in the supposed commemoration of feminicides: time and again, self-appointed defenders of women's rights from the right-wing milieu as well as from the right-wing conservative center abuse Fight against violence against women and girls for racist opinion-making and instrumentalize it for their political purposes.

Violence against women and girls is a current problem that affects society as a whole and that we must resolutely oppose, particularly in view of the renewed strengthening of right-wing conservative trends. Every fourth woman has experienced physical or sexual violence in a relationship at least once in her life (source: BMFSFJ). Violence against women and girls is embedded in discriminatory power structures that limit the economic, political, social and cultural participation of women.

Violence against women and girls is carried out regardless of the level of education and religious or ethnic affiliation of the perpetrators. In the right-wing conservative milieu, however, there is sometimes talk of an “import of violence against women”. Criminal cases such as rape or murder are repeatedly used to stir up fears of a threat that is supposed to befall German society. By directing particular attention to acts of violence by non-white perpetrators or those marked as non-German, right-wing conservative actors create a distorted image and generalize men with a history of refugee and migration as criminal and violent. This distorted image serves as a basis for argumentation in order to undermine the right to asylum, although it is firmly anchored in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and German fundamental rights (Art 14 AEDM, Art 16 a GG).

All of this is of no use in clearing up the cases, in respectful memory of the victims, or in coping with the terrible events by the victims or their families. This does not help in the fight against violence against women either. Rather, it stands in the way of the struggle by distracting from the problematic power structures in which violence against women is embedded and creating a blind spot: The patriarchy is hidden by the generalized criminalization of BIPoC and marked as something that " elsewhere ”. Social grievances such as the sexualization of women are thus outsourced and made invisible in their own country. The fight for women's rights is being converted into a fight against the right to asylum. The women's demands are no longer heard. For women with a refugee background, this is detrimental in several ways: their rights as women are neglected, while at the same time their right to asylum is undermined.

To protect women from violence, we don't need racist opinion-making! What we need are educational programs that enable a critical examination of the issue of violence and sexism, support options in women's shelters and clear justice and condemnation of the perpetrators.

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