About Us

The umbrella association of migrant women organizations - DaMigra - has been operating as a nationwide, independent and women-specific umbrella association of migrant women’s organizations since 2014.

DaMigra is party political, ideological and denominationally independent. DaMigra sees itself as the mouthpiece and representative of more than 60 migrant organizations and campaigns for their interests in politics, the public, the media and business nationwide.

Our guiding principle and main goal is empowerment, which includes the equal political, social, professional and cultural participation of migrant women in social life in Germany.

It is also about the fight against racism, sexism and social injustice.That is why DaMigra is opposed to all kinds of discrimination against people: whether it is because of their social and ethnical background, their gender, colour of their skin, sexual identity, disabilities, age or worldview. At DaMigra we base our work on European and international human rights conventions.

At the intersection between civics, migrant involvement and female political decision-makers on federal level

This positioning enables DaMigra to unite internal and external tasks. Inside: DaMigra works for the networking, qualification and promotion of migrant organizations. To the outside world: DaMigra bundles the interests of women with migration and refugee backgrounds in order to make them audible and visible at the federal level.

History of DaMigra

DaMigra's roots go back to the 1980s and are closely related to the confrontation with racism and structural discrimination within the German women's movement. Migrant women, Jewish women and Women of Color felt that their own concerns, needs and interests were largely ignored and were looking for a platform on which they could not only take action against sexism, but also against racism and anti-Semitism.

Today the member organizations take on socio-political tasks, act as experts on social and integration policy content and offer themselves as contact persons for migrants, organizations and political actors.

During the second migrant congress organized by the Federal Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth in March 2013, the foundation stone for the project of nationwide networking of migrant organizations was laid. In 2014, DaMigra was finally launched in order to dedicate itself to the great networking task among migrant women. The increasing number of founding women's organizations strengthen the association in its efforts and make it clear that migrant women take part in social, political and economic life in Germany and advocate participation.


Stronger together