German Association of Female Engineers eV

The German Federation of Internal Engineers (dib) is a nationwide network of women and engineers who have or are currently acquiring a qualification in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technology (MINT).

Since 1986, the dib has been promoting women and girls in technical professions and developing activities to increase the proportion of women in technology. The dib offers a wide range of opportunities for exchange and personal development, among others in its 22 regional groups.

The MINT area offers good professional integration opportunities for migrant women. More than 20% of MINT academics have immigrated and the proportion of women among foreign students in engineering is higher than among German students.

Our AG MINT Escape / Migration Women / Girls in Cologne is actively and committed to better opportunities for migrants and female refugees in terms of education, training and professional integration in the MINT area.

Contact persons: Dr.- phil. Dipl.-Ing. Afsar Soheila Sattari; Dr.-Ing. Kira stone