Interkulturelle Begegnungsstätte e.V.

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The Intercultural Meeting Center eV is a non-profit migrant self-organization. As such, she has a cross-cultural, cross-age and cross-disciplinary team structure and already exemplifies intercultural participation in her sponsorship. It was founded in 1999 by people of various origins and has been consistently committed to solidarity and social justice ever since. The aim is to promote and strengthen the social integration and participation of people who have a history of migration.

The main tasks of IKB eV are the promotion of language skills, social and migration counseling as well as counseling for those affected by domestic / family violence and forced marriage. The talents and resources brought along are the focus of the counseling work; in this way, cultural differences are made usable in the daily grappling with problems and tasks. The specific issues of the social and psychosocial situation of those seeking advice are taken into account. We do not see them as victims, but as independent and active actors in their living environment.

Another focus is the promotion of productive, intercultural networking. In addition to advice and integration courses, IKB. eV offers other offers such as senior groups, information events and workshops.