Netzwerk Freiburgerinnen aus aller Welt

More than 150 women from 80 countries of origin take part in the network of “women from Freiburg from all over the world”. The network of “Freiburg women from all over the world” developed in 2012 from an intercultural media qualification project and has since been attached to the Verein Kommunikation & Medien eV.

Since then, more than 150 women from 80 countries of origin have contributed to three cookbooks and made films. The media productions are presented in the context of cultural events on site and far beyond. The network stands for an idea of ​​multicultural coexistence in Freiburg. Transcultural networking is maintained via social networks.

The network develops activities, qualifies and engages in regular meetings, practical media workshops and intercultural campaigns. The aim is to promote empowerment and networking among women with and without a history of migration, to strengthen media skills and to make diversity visible through the media. Women in the network are politically, culturally, socially and socially involved and are active as ambassadors for tolerance and diversity.