Courageous women * grow beyond themselves

We look back on an eventful 2020. The corona pandemic showed us many social grievances even more clearly and at the same time exacerbated them: numerous job losses, an education and health system that does not reach everyone, a lack of economic appreciation and social recognition of precarious workers, an increase in violence or social isolation due to deep-rooted sexist and racist reservations. Particularly vulnerable groups, such as women * with a history of migration or refugee status, suffered and still suffer greatly from the consequences of this pandemic. But the Corona crisis also showed us another side of our society: solidarity in practice.

Women * with a history of migration and flight have sewn masks for charitable purposes, have taken part in neighborhood initiatives and, with their great volunteer work, have shown that they want to participate despite all rejection and help to shape a peaceful community based on solidarity. But solidarity is not one-sided. It requires equal access to the social part - especially for women * with a refugee history. This is what we have campaigned for with the “MUT-Macherinnen *” project together with our volunteers *.